Technical Architecture

SARC 321 - Construction is a comprehensive construction and drawing paper compulsory for all third year architecture students at Victoria. 



The drawings above come from three related assignments where students were asked to design the core, building services and facade of a 7 level office building.  This course was engaging, challenging and rich. The assignments asked for a quick turnover of work finished to an extremely high level. Revit Software was utilised to achieve such drawing speed & accuracy which further enriched the educational experience. 

Taught by an industry experienced lecturer and tutor who both had excellent rapport with students - this course was exceptionally enjoyable. Having never used Revit before I used this course as an opportunity to develop my digital skill set and work hard at producing clean, legible and precise drawings. Tutors feedback and criticisms on drawings identified incorrectly/over specified building components and materials as well as minor issues with construction logic. This is a direct result of struggling with the massive learning curve of Revit itself and as a consequence, having limited time available for learning about construction practice itself. Never the less I thoroughly enjoyed the research and processes of developing successful construction systems that were simple, innovative and effective as well as clearly documented.

Project Details: VUW SARC321 | Trimester 2, 2015 | Lecturer Guy Marriage | Tutor Jo McWilliam | Paper Grade A+.