School of Music

The New Zealand School of Music - an intergraded school of performance arts - situated in the heart of Wellington City. 

View the Project Brief here, and the Structural Analysis Report here.


Critical Reflections

As the final major design project of our undergraduate course this assignment carried with it a sort of academic expectation. This was an opportunity to execute a design representative of all our knowledge of architectural design and practice. As a consequence the design integration course challenged us to propose a building that utilised a steel or timber structure with a rigorously designed floor plan. Many specific programs were required in a configuration that established positive relationships between different areas of the Music School. Spacial expectations were specific, extensive and demanding (see attached project brief).   

As explained in the animated presentation I choose to physically model my design solution and present it with accompanying diagrams and plans. Time management issues, multiple computer failures and overreaching experimentation limited the communication of the final design and therefore this project was criticised appropriately. The gamble was in the physical model - it was hoped that the time and effort that had gone into wiring individual LED’s to complete the coloured appearance documented in the animation would captivate the audience. It was a wonderful experiment and test of my model making capabilities however my ultimate presentation did not do justice to the immense developed detail the design realistically contained. Furthermore such a model may have been more appropriate for a different brief - however this project directly requested technical and spacial details - details that were never visualised. This project was therefore a great reminder that it is essential you not just design at multiple scales but also communicate at multiple scales.

Project Details: VUW ARCI312 | Trimester 2, 2015 | Lecturer Daniele Abreu e Lima & Andrew Charleson | Tutor Rory Tungatt | Grade B+.