The National Earthquake Museum - A Symbol of Recovery - 'a place to remember together'. New Zealand's National Earthquake Museum is a symbol of collective recovery. The building engages with how we as individuals naturally seek a collective after being completely and utterly exposed during earthquake events.

Download the Project Brief here and the Design's Structural Report here.



ARCI312 - Architectural Integration - focuses on integrating considerations for structural systems with architectural purpose and intent. Studio workshops encouraged form to be developed through the structural potential of reinforced concrete. As a result formal arrangements for this project have been established through physical model making while final digital presentation images were modeled digitally. 

Criticisms of this project questioned the formal decisions, notably regarding uninhabited structures and spacial variety between programs. These criticisms are founded in the geometry itself. An inherent lack of variety exists within the from as a decision early on was made to ensure all elements curve to some degree. The architectural idea was that this mass was a collection of independent experiences merged together to become a place of consideration for all. Design iterations demanded that this not just be an informed architectural idea but something felt by people totally unaware of the purpose of the architecture. Unfortunately this was never fully developed and many ideas intended to add more variety to the form were never introduced. 


Project Details: VUW ARCI312 | Trimester 2, 2015 | Lecturer Daniele Abreu e Lima & Andrew Charleson | Tutor Nabil AllafGrade A+.