About the site

This site is a deposit of ideas. A collection of Architectural Projects, Models, Photographs and discussion dealing with the physical environment around us. The three sections of this site are dedicated to different methods of interpreting and exploring space.

Section A | Architecture - A collection of completed architectural design projects.

Section B | Blog -  Process work, analysis, opinion writing's and informal observations.

Section C | Craft - Work from my physical and digital playgrounds.



The people around me who have influenced, challenged and inspired my work...


Recognition in media and publications.



The following is a database of influences that I use periodically to shift, challenge and refine any work.

Updated 16/01/17.


My Workflow

I am a hands on designer with extensive physical hand model making skills and as such my method of creation is drawing, physical modeling, photography and the manipulation of light. This helps me to design 'scale-rich' architecture that has a deliberate and purposeful engagement with people. A physical approach means that my design is composed by the function, the purpose and the activity. 

The following is a loosely ordered catalogue of Software I use to create architectural imagery and drawings. 


About the Author

Ged Finch

Please feel free to cite and share any material on this site or contact me for more information.

Contact: finchged1@gmail.com