Towards a waste free building industry.

50% of all New Zealand’s waste (amounting to 1.6 million tonnes annually) is generated by the construction sector.

As part of Masters of Architecture (Professional) (MArch) degree at Victoria University of Wellington, a year long research study has been undertaken to determine the potential capacity of the architect to reduce and eliminate end-of-life building waste. It is foreseen that the planning and designing for the disassembly of buildings at the end of their useful lives has the potential to greatly reduce the quantity of waste produced. This research is supervised by Mr. Guy Marriage and supported by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ), Team Architects Limited, the New Zealand Instuite of Architects (NZIA) and the New Zealand Institute of Building's Charitable Trust (NZIOB).


I am currently looking for funding and investment opportunities to continue this research. If you or your business is interested please contact me at

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This sophisticated study, borne of an impressive amount of research and analysis, is motivated by the need for a solution to a problem of real concern: the reduction of waste in the building industry. Through trial, error and a willingness to experiment, Gerard has extended and built upon an existing body of knowledge and worked through many of the complexities required for a circular construction economy. It is to be hoped that this exhaustive work has a continued life beyond this thesis project
— NZIA Judging Panel

The research as presented at the NZIA Student Design Awards in November 2017.