Earthquake Damage Analysis

In 2011, after the devastating Canterbury earthquake sequence, the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) undertook a survey of houses. This survey is thought to be the most extensive ever completed for earthquake damaged residential dwellings. Through multivariate statistical analysis of this information it was possible to comprehend how a specific building feature may contribute to overall damage levels. Using quantifiable projection algorithms formulated from the damage statistics it was also possible to predict, to some extent, the damage we might expect to other housing populations around New Zealand.

The results of this statistical analysis were visualized in this 90 second animation clip to succinctly summarise the work and its findings.

Created by G. Finch - Supervised by G. Thomas with thanks to G. Beattie and R. Shelton. The database used to conduct this multivariate analysis is the property of the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ). Made possible with funding from BRANZ. Please note that the ideas and results presented are those of the authors and not those of BRANZ.  Winner of the 2016 Summer Gold Research Awards prize for Best Video.