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X-Frame - The structural frame solution for a waste free building industry.

The building and construction sector in New Zealand consumes more than 50% of all raw materials while simultaneously generating more than 50% of all waste sent to landfill (Ministry for the Environment, 26). These unprecedented levels of consumption are set to continue as demand for residential housing in New Zealand continues to grow rapidly (Statistics NZ, n.p). Architects and building professionals, as key figures in the building sector, have a responsibility to implement systems that reduce the impact of our industry on the environment. One such approach is to design for deconstruction. Through planning and designing for the disassembly of buildings at the end of their useful life we have the potential to greatly reduce the quantity and type of waste produced. Consequently, we also reduce the amount of virgin materials needed in further building projects. However, the inherent complexity of a building – its scale, material combinations, required lifespan, necessary structural components and rigid fixings make them extremely difficult to deconstruct in a timely and economic manor. This research investigates how these issues may be overcome and how a mainstream residential dwelling might be re-designed to be easily deconstructed into individual material components for reuse in a timely fashion at the end of its useful life. For construction updates please visit the blog

An Incredible concept well executed. A Genius piece of development
— BEST Design Awards, Judge's comments
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